July 17 2019 Warrior Run The Chani Rubin z”l MESORAH YACHAD ANNUAL 5K

Atara Herrmann

Hi! I’m Atara Herrmann and I am so excited to run with Yachad! Yachad is a huge part of my life and I have completed 3 half-marathons and 2 10ks w Team Yachad. Help me support this amazing organization! Visit my team's page

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  • Ziggy Gelman $10.00
  • Bubby and Zaidy $54.00

    Have a great Summer and a great run. Bubbala and Zaydala

  • Pelah Cohen $20.00

    I love u so much!! Good luck gorgeous:))

  • David Assoulin $21.00

    I donated the gematria of my name + $7 to top Pelah's donation. Good luck?

  • Azi Fein $5.00

    Good luck!

  • Eric Schwartz $36.00
  • Melissa Scwhartz $36.00