July 21 2021 GRIT 'N WIT The Chani Rubin z”l MESORAH YACHAD ANNUAL 5K

About Chani Rubin Z”L

Chani Rubin (a”h) was a warm and kindhearted individual, who loved being part of the Yachad and Camp Mesorah family. Chani spent 6 summers in the Yachad Vocational Program at Camp Mesorah, where she enjoyed making new friends, working in the Girl’s HC sorting the mail and assisting in the art room. For Chani, Camp Mesorah was her “happy place”! Camp was her home away from home, where she forged the most meaningful and special friendships. Since Chani loved running in the Team Yachad marathons each year, her two favorite places have come together to dedicate the Mesorah Yachad Annual 5K in her memory.

On July 21st, 2021, we will come together for The Chani Rubin (z”l) Mesorah Yachad Annual 5K.

Chani touched so many people in her lifetime. She is missed deeply by all her family and friends.

To learn more about Chani and her impact, click here.